Tetzlaff Research Group

Computational Neuroscience - Learning and Memory


Group of Computational Synaptic Physiology

Department for neuro- and sensory physiology

University medical center

Humboldtallee 23

37073 Göttingen, Germany


The Group of Computational Synaptic Physiology is part of the Department for Neuro- and Sensory Physiology at the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG). We use computational and mathematical tools to identify and understand the fundamental principles that are governing learning and computation in neuronal systems. In addition, we transfer these principles to advance cutting-edge technologies like robotics or neuromorphic engineering.

For this, we integrate knowledge from different spatial scales, from protein interactions in individual synapses to large-scale adaptive neuronal networks, and take advantage of methods from different scientific disciplines such as nonlinear dynamics, numeric, statistical physics, information theory, or machine learning.

In detail our work covers the following research areas:

  • synaptic physiology of plasticity,
  • computation, learning & memory in neuronal networks,
  • technological applications


Nov 29, 2023 The Brian2Lava team has just released a new version of the software, which finally enables to run Brian 2 simulations on Loihi 2 hardware. Check it out here or simply run python3 -m pip install brian2lava!
Sep 16, 2023 Check out Andrew’s work on rapid subspace swtiching for unqiue motor sequence control on bioArXiv.
Feb 18, 2023 We have a new site! 🎉
Oct 22, 2022 We have a new paper published in Scientific Reports! Check it out here.